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Postgraduate application tips from Dominica Moran, Deputy Admissions Officer, Postgraduate Admissions Office:

The vast majority of postgraduate applications to NUI Galway are made online via our application portal. We advise you to start your application as early as possible, as some courses will close early due to popular demand: these courses do not have a set closing date, but generally do close early due to a large application pool. Please read the following tips in making an application to NUI Galway:

  1. Check out the entry requirements for your programme. These are listed on the individual course web-page, found here.
  2. Check out the closing date for the programme. These will be listed on the individual course web page, or the programme may instead follow our Review Dates policy, more information here. Key applications information is also here.
  3. Have all your documents ready to upload with your application. The main documents that are required are as follows:
    • Passport or Driver’s Licence;
    • Official Transcripts of your Exam Results;
    • Personal Statement of approximately 600 words, explaining why you wish to undertake the course; our Career Development Service have a helpful booklet available to download, to help you write your Personal Statement.
    • English Language Competency (if your first language is not English). Check out the requirements here.
  4. Know what additional/supporting documents (if any) are required for your programme. Some courses will require additional documents such as references, CVs, details of work experience, etc.  Additional documentation for your chosen programme can be found here.
  5. Go to the Application Portal and start a new application.
  6. Read all the application questions carefully and answer them correctly.
  7. Upload a copy of all official documents into the relevant sections in the tab called Upload Supporting Documents Page.  This section will only become visible once you have ‘submitted’ your application. Once all the documents are uploaded, your application status should change to ‘completed’.
  8. Ensure you get a confirmation email to notify you that your application is complete when you upload all mandatory documentation. When you log into the portal, the status on your application should read ‘completed’.

You can expect a decision on your postgrad application within four weeks of submitting a completed application.

Update—watch our Application Tips video here.


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  1. Hello,
    I’m a student from Nigeria and cannot upload my transcript to complete my application, how I can send it to the admissions office and how will I know it has been received to complete my application


  2. I applied for MSc in Business analytics . Its been more than 6 weeks since I submitted my application but my portal shows waitlisted from the day I submitted my application


  3. Hi, I am from Nigeria and I am having difficulties to apply can’t get the main website to apply for postgraduate diploma


      1. I have sent the email, but I have not received a reply. I do not want my wrong file to be reviewed. How long will it take to receive a reply?


  4. I can’t get my transcript because my school is on strike (not going to work because unpaid salaries and other issues they need to settle with the government)for a month now.. please what should I do?


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