Why you should consider postgraduate study

archway-light (1).jpgSo you’re wondering why you might want consider a postgraduate course and what the benefits might be.  We have pulled together seven of the top reasons for postgraduate study:

  1. Get a starting advantage in your career
    In an increasingly competitive job market, a postgraduate qualification can set you apart from other candidates, boost your prospects, and help kick-start your career. For example, 64% of NUI Galway’s undergraduates are in full-time employment nine months after graduation. This statistic jumps to 84% for postgraduates. (Source: latest NUI Galway Graduate Destinations data.) Postgraduates can also expect to have increased earning power with their higher degree.
  2. Develop your existing career
    If you’re looking to progress your current career, a postgraduate qualification can really help you gain that promotion. Research shows that career progression greatly increases as a postgraduate. (Source: Comparative Starting Salaries and Career Progression of Graduates)
  3. You need a postgraduate qualification for your profession
    The career path you’ve chosen may specifically require a graduate qualification: e.g., teaching, social work, law (all options at NUI Galway).
  4. You love your subject
    If you enjoyed your undergraduate studies subject area, then advancing to study it at postgraduate level will enhance your knowledge and understanding of that subject to allow you develop your personal interest.
  5. Changing direction
    If you are considering changing career direction from your undergraduate studies subject area, then converting to a new area by undertaking a postgraduate conversion course is your perfect option. We offer a range of Conversion courses. which will enable you to change subject area direction and improve your prospects.
  6. You want to up-skill
    If you want to take some time out from full-time study or if you’re working, then a part-time or online/blended learning postgrad course may be for you. Many of our programmes are offered part-time or online.
  7. You’re in the zone!
    If you’re a final year undergraduate, then continuing straight on to postgraduate study may be right for you: as you’re used to studying, academic writing, and student life. Sometimes it’s more challenging to return to study after a break, so it may be advisable to embark on a postgraduate course immediately after your undergrad degree.

If you’re ready to take the postgraduate plunge, you can learn more and find your course here. Don’t forget to read our tips on funding your postgraduate study!


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